Three great ideas for your small business

Many of our clients and small business associates have told us that they sometimes find themselves suffering from what we call “idea fatigue” – the period that most businesses confront at some stage where they simply run out of new ideas.

That’s where the Untypical 3GITM Program steps up to the plate.

Like everything else we do at Untypical Thinking, our 3GI Program is simple and cost-effective. We meet with you to explore how your business currently operates and then discuss ideas that we think will make a positive impact for you, your colleagues and, importantly, your customers.

At the end of our session, we guarantee that you’ll walk away with at least three great ideas that you can utilise in your business. They won’t necessarily be massive game changers but they will be simple and pragmatic ideas that refresh and revitalise part of your organisation.

And if we don’t come up with those three great ideas, the session is complimentary – we’ll even pay for the coffees!

Get in contact with Untypical Smallbiz to arrange a no-obligation conversation about how our 3GI Program can help your business.