Three great ideas for your small business

Here's a story we hear quite a bit ... in fact, it has happened to us on a couple of occasions, too.

You have this great idea for a new business, you do all of the hard work to get things up and running and, once everything is ready, you declare yourself to be open for business.

Your ideas seem to be working really well for a few weeks, maybe a few months, but sooner or later, you need to change things up a little. So, you sit down and brainstorm with your friends, your customers, your business partners - they come up with a few good ideas to consider but soon they run out of ideas too.

What do you do then?

You contact Untypical and we introduce you to our 3GI program.

3GI stands for Three Great Ideas - which, we think, gives you a fair indication of what's involved.

  1. We make an appointment to catch up for coffee (or maybe a beer). We understand that you run a small business and so realise that it may suit you better to have our conversation after hours or on a weekend.

  2. We discuss your business - what you have done, what you want to achieve, etc - and we generate Three Great Ideas. They might be simple fixes. They might be significant projects.

  3. We then chat about how you might go about making your idea come to life.

Pretty simple stuff because that's what we specialise in.

And here's the deal - if we come up with the three great ideas within a hour, you owe us $165 (including GST). If we DON'T come up with three great ideas in that time, we'll pay for the coffees or the beers and you will have had an opportunity to bounce your thoughts off another small business owner.

Please get in touch to learn more about 3GI. To schedule a no-obligation conversation, please visit our Calendar page to choose a suitable date and time.