B for Brave and Brilliant

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

Much of what I’ve said during the past couple of weeks is really challenging and there will be many who either disagree with my sentiments or simply don’t have the energy to Transformaginate.

And if you do have the energy, be prepared for high levels of resistance from many of your colleagues who just want to go back to the old Business as Usual. As I have already suggested several times in this series, there is no business as usual … just business as most unusual. Stepping back to what used to be is not going to work.

And so, it is time to be brave. Nobody knows what the future of your business looks like. No one knows how long it will take the world economy to reset and re-establish. You can sit and wait and react when there is more certainty or you can take some brave steps now. Take the lead. Be innovative. Be brave.

And while you are being brave, be brilliant too. I don’t mean brilliant as in clever. I mean brilliant as in radiant. This Transformagination process will give people opportunities to shine. To show the way. To lead with intent. That’s what I mean by brilliance.

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