Introducing Neil Butler

Neil Butler is the founding member of the team, having set the business up in August 2011. Initially trading as Xera Consulting and, subsequently, The Biz Whiz, he decided to bring the two business streams together in 2018 to market the services under the new Untypical Thinking brand. As Neil says, “There are literally thousands of small consulting groups operating … Read More

Goodbye Geebiz … Hello Nearest

With a new year comes a new name and some funky new functionality! Our app-based directory for businesses in the Geelong region has been re-branded as Nearest. But it’s not just a re-brand … there are two key changes to the functionality. Businesses will be listed according to how far they are away from you … the Nearest businesses will … Read More

Introducing The Untypical Podcast

When we created our new brand, it seemed like a great time to launch our podcast – The Untypical Podcast. In keeping with the way we operate, The Untypical Podcast is a series of ten to fifteen minute conversations that look at life and at the business world from a somewhat Untypical perspective. There are thousands of other podcasts that … Read More

Welcome to Untypical Thinking

Welcome, indeed. Untypical Thinking is the new entity formed by bringing together two existing brands – Xera Consulting and The Biz Whiz. We are a small business consultancy based in the regional city of Geelong, approximately 70km south-west of Melbourne, Australia. We like our new name because it clearly articulates what we are about. We are deliberately and intentionally different … Read More