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We are all about generating ideas and solving pain points in businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have a particular interest in businesses that are located in regional Australia but are very happy to work with like-minded organisations wherever they are.

Because we offer such a broad range of services, we decided to group them into six separate brands, each of which is outlined below.

Check out some of our services and when you are ready to discuss how Untypical Thinking can change how your business or other organisation operates, please contact us for an obligation-free conversation.

Welcome to Untypical Thinking.

The Untypical Challenge
Untypical Thinking

As we have said throughout our web site, we chose to call our business Untypical Thinking because that’s what we believe sets us apart from consulting businesses. We offer a range of services - change management, project delivery, training and education plus a couple of our own unique programs - that ARE different to the myriad consulting businesses in the market.

We are not your standard consulting firm - in fact, we don't see ourselves as consultants. We are ideas generators and problem solvers. Check out some of our services by clicking on the button below .

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Untypical People

It is often said that the most important assets for any business are the people who work there. As the pace of business increases and the pressure to perform starts to mount, it is unsurprising that many organisations are looking to focus more attention on their employees.

But where do you start? Very few small to medium sized businesses can afford to employ a specialist people leadership / human resources specialist. Nor do many businesses of any size employ a health and well-being specialist. How do you ensure that, when the time comes, you are able to recruit the right people to come and work in your organisation?

And as an individual, who do you turn to for advice on career planning and resume development?

The great news is that these are all services that are offered by Untypical People. Working with qualified and highly experienced associates, we are able to offer many of these people-focused services on an ad hoc or on-going basis.

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Untypical People
Untypical Media
Untypical Media

In an age where people carry high quality, web-enabled mobile devices - smart phones, tablets and laptops - with them everywhere they go, are you taking full advantage of that opportunity to engage with your customers and clients?

For many organisations, their "go to" interaction involves written communications - emails, newsletters, written social media posts and the like. If you choose to engage with your customers by sending out ANOTHER electronic direct marketing (EDM) mail-out or a broadcast email, you stand a very good chance of being ignored.

Maybe its time to mix it up a little - why not try speaking with you customers instead of simply sending them another email or newsletter. Check out some of the ways that Untypical Media can help you!

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The Untypical Podcast

As part of developing the Untypical Thinking brand, we thought that it would be enhanced by a podcast based on the same philosophy. A program that presents ideas that are as jargon-free and theory-free as we can possibly make them. There are any number of opportunities to read about or listen to the latest academic research into running a business, with terminology and complex theories that sound great.

But we’re just not convinced that everyone is looking for that.

And so, The Untypical Podcast was born.

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The Untypical Podcast
Untypical Smallbiz
Untypical Smallbiz

You know the old saying ... one size fits all? Well, we don't think that's true at all.

Untypical Smalllbiz is part of a small business and so we understand those challenges and issues. But, even better, each of our people has had extensive experience with one or more large organisations before establishing their own small business.

It's the best of both worlds for our small business clients - large national and international experience, specifically tailored and adapted to the operation of small businesses.

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As a small business, based in a major regional centre, we understand the importance of local residents and organisations supporting other local businesses. In our case (Geelong), we are close enough to a capital city (Melbourne) where businesses can easily commute to perform work in our region.

There are so many ways to identify service providers - search engines, specialty web directories, local newspapers, etc - but how do you know who is truly a local business?

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Untypical Safety Solutions