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What a great word – brilliant!

There are two quite distinct meanings (probably more) of the word – one to do with intelligence and ability and the other to do with glittering, sparkling, shining brightly.

If we consider the first meaning, we can’t really choose to be brilliant at everything … we have a natural aptitude in some areas, we can train or educate ourselves to be brilliant in others but at the end of the day, we are limited in our capacity to be brilliant in that sense.

But considering the other definition, we can choose to be brilliant in everything we do. We can choose our attitude, our approach and, as a direct result, the impact we have on those we live with, work with or socialise with.

How often do you walk into your workplace and see the eyes of your colleagues looking dull and see them just going through the motions? More importantly, how often do your colleagues see the same when they look at you?

Brilliant performance creates brilliant results. Brilliant performance can inspire brilliance in others. Brilliance in a dark place creates light.

This week, choose something that you’re going to do and make a conscious effort to do it brilliantly. Look at the impact it has on you and those around you.

And if doesn’t have a positive impact on the outcome, I’ll be amazed.

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