The Untypical Challenge
Challenging your thoughts and ideas

"So, we set out on a project to improve our engagement with our customers. We had some real momentum, with everybody on board and enthusiastic about our plans - in fact, things were going along so well, that we couldn't see anything to stop us from being successful!

But then, we decided to undertake The Untypical Challenge and I am so glad that we did. A set of external eyes, bringing their experience to ask the tough questions. For the most part, the challenge supported our approach but it found a simpler and more cost-effective solution that suited our needs so much better"

We have spent a lot of time working with project teams over many years - from multi-million dollar projects being deployed across many countries to minor changes happening within small local businesses.

Often, projects take on a life of their own with enthusiastic people striving to complete their activities and tasks to help realise the benefits of everyone's hard work.

But who is asking the hard questions? Who is providing the sense-check to make sure that the project is going to create the positive change that you want it to?

That's where The Untypical Challenge comes into the picture!

And as with most Untypical products, the beauty of The Untypical Challenge is in its simplicity. We simply take the time to review your vision, your ideas and your plans and ... as the name suggests ... challenge them.

We sometimes find ourselves being unpopular with some project team members because we provide an alternate view. But we are not there to stop progress. We are not there to be right. We are there to ask questions, make suggestions and help you to feel confident that your project will deliver the outcomes that you expect it to.

In our opinion, it is much, much better to review your progress towards your final outcome on a frequent basis. If everything is going well, you'll have confidence that your project will deliver the outcomes you want it to. If, however, our Untypical Challenge provides some insights that make you reconsider your approach, your outcomes or even your broader goals, you'll be happier to know that from the start, rather than when you deliver something that doesn't meet your needs.

We can perform The Untypical Challenge as a one-off or as a review program throughout your project. We can facilitate a workshop with your project team, discuss your project with individual team members or perform our Untypical Challenge by reviewing the business case, project plan or other documentation.

We think that The Untypical Challenge provides real value to projects of all shapes and sizes. We hope that you do too.

Please contact us to discuss The Untypical Challenge for your next project - or maybe even your current one!