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Helping you to develop your organisation's capability

One of the on-going responsibilities that every business owner or leader has to their staff - regardless of the size of their business - is their on-going development. Part of that development includes access to training and education.

Firstly, let spend a few moments considering these two words, often used interchangably.

We can see a very clear distinction:

  • Training is typically a short single event designed to teach or reinforce a particular set of skills. A good example of a training program is a two hour session on how to process an application using some new software.

  • Education, however, is a broader program that supports the on-going development of an individual or team. Educating a member of your staff requires a longer-term view. What skills and knowledge do they need in the immediate future? What is their likely development plan and expectations? What will they need to learn if they are to successfully achieve a career progression?

It is therefore very likely that training programs will form an important part of your employee's education. But so will experience. And so will feedback. And so will coaching.

At Untypical, we can help you to develop and/or deliver a program that addresses the educational needs of your staff. It doesn't matter whether your business employs one person or one thousand, every individual has the right to job-related education and every business should embrace that responsibility.

We can help you set the objectives for your company's education needs. We can develop a training needs analysis to help to identify what each person's requirements are. We can help you to design and/or source the right resources to support your education program - this could include face-to-face training programs, online education resources, mentoring , coaching programs or a range of other activities, designed to increase the capability of your organisation and continue the individual development of each person.

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