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"We don’t have any training and education experts within our business and so, new projects or processes are usually presented by non-training people. Invariably, this has led to poor levels of interest and uptake in what we are trying to implement.

We were looking for a professional training and education business who could assist us in the development of an overall training strategy and then provide quality programs to support our new initiatives. Fortunately, we found Untypical Education"

With over thirty years of training and education experience behind us, the Untypical Education team is well placed to provide tailored and innovative solutions for you and your organisation.

We have specific and demonstrable experience in a range of sectors including fuels and lubricants, demand management, supply chain and logistics, tertiary education, banking and finance, business technology and health. We are confident that we can add real value in both your “business as usual” programs and in systems and process implementations.

Our experience extends to global training and education networks, education consultancy across the Asia Pacific region and on-site training programs across the length and breadth of metropolitan and regional Australia. Integrated with the development and implementation of change programs, we believe that we have the skills and knowledge to deliver great outcomes for your organisation.

Training and Education Case Studies

Here are some examples of projects for which we have provided training and education programs, strategies and/or other services.

e-Learning program for a software distribution company

Using the Moodle open source platform and a collection of screen-capture video presentations, a full training program was developed to support the national release of a new software program. The cost and geographical reach of the software made a more traditional classroom-based training program cost-prohibitive.

Development of a training program and materials for an international supply chain excellence program

This project deployment required a training program that meshed in with a broader change activity. The users of the new system were not only learning new processes and screens but, for the first time, they had become accountable for the demand management in their market sector. The training program required both change management strategies and high-quality training, presented in a cohesive and consistent manner.

Development and delivery of a training program for an ERP deployment across regional Australia

When deploying an ERP system into approximately seventy independent but commonly branded businesses, there is as much commonality in process and approach as there is diversity. Our client required a training program that provided a common and consistent message but which also allowed for the individual needs of each business.

Development of a training strategy for senior IT management across the Asia Pacific region

One of the world’s largest companies identified a training and development need for its second tier IT leaders across each country within the Asia Pacific region and, indeed, across the world. Along with a corresponding consultant in Europe and the Americas, we were able to develop a training program for these IT professionals to enable them to develop the skills and knowledge required to operate at the national IT leadership level and global community within the organisation.

Small group training and concentrated one-on-one coaching for fuel tanker drivers

In an environment where some drivers had been doing the same job for over thirty years and possessed a significant aversion to technology, the implementation of dash-mounted computers in their trucks was always going to be a challenge. The development and delivery of an engaging training program, which included one-on-one, in-cabin coaching for each driver, proved to be a key success factor in the broad acceptance and successful implementation of the mobile technology solution.

These are just some of the many training and education programs we have developed and delivered. Please contact us to discuss how Untypical Education can design and create a program that develops your organisation's capabilities.