Getting It Done
Helping you to complete outstanding tasks

One of the great challenges in running a small to medium sized business is finding the time to complete special projects – maybe developing a strategy to grow your business, expanding your service offerings, opening a new office, restructuring your organisation, developing procedures manuals – all very worthwhile activities that would be easy if you just had the time and energy.

We also understand that moving forward and embracing new ways of doing things can be a major challenge for many organisations – especially small to medium sized businesses where keeping the business running is already taking up 110% of your day.

That’s where Untypical Smallbiz can help you in Getting It Done. Regardless of what you are planning to do – from minor administrative activities through to major strategic planning projects, Untypical Smallbiz will help you to plan, deliver and embed whatever it is you want to do. And, if your request is outside of our skills and knowledge, we guarantee that one of our hand-picked, recommended associates will be able to help you to complete that project with you.

For projects that take half an hour to those that will require weeks or even months of support, get in touch with Untypical Smallbiz and start Getting It Done.