Radio as it should be

goRadio.Live started as a concept called Geelong Online Radio (hence the GO in our name) in the middle of July 2018.

We had been producing programs for community radio for over ten years and felt that the time was right to launch an online station, featuring the very best music recorded during the past 60 or 70 years.

Yes, there are already radio stations that focus their attention on the so-called classic hits but we see a couple of significant flaws in their offering:

  1. They tend to play the same limited collection of music, meaning that we hear the same cliched hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when so much from that era remains ignored.
  2. Those stations are still, typically, personality-focused and funded by copious commercial agreements. This translates to maybe 30 minutes of music every hour when, often, all you want to do is listen to some fantastic music.

So, here is our commitment to our listeners:

  • We will unashamedly select the best music from our chosen era.
  • We will develop programs that provide the music with minimal interruption.
  • For many hours of the day, you won’t hear any announcers – just great music and the occasional station ID.
  • As we develop our sponsorship model, we will limit the amount of advertising that we broadcast to a couple of minutes per hour during music programs. This may vary during live events depending upon sponsorship arrangements.
  • We will let the music play through until the end – no cross fades, no announcers talking over the start and end of tracks.

goRadio.Live is available exclusively online - via our web site or by downloading our free app for Apple and Android devices. For more information the station, please visit the goRadio.Live web site.