Introducing The Untypical Podcast

When we created our new brand, it seemed like a great time to launch our podcast – The Untypical Podcast.

In keeping with the way we operate, The Untypical Podcast is a series of ten to fifteen minute conversations that look at life and at the business world from a somewhat Untypical perspective. There are thousands of other podcasts that seem to be heavy on jargon and academic theories but in the case of The Untypical Podcast is light on that stuff and full of practical and thought-provoking advice that we think will help you regardless of the size and type of business you are part of.

The Untypical Podcast is available for free download via iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Overcast, Podbean and a range of other podcasting services. Why not subscribe and participate in The Untypical Podcast Forum – you just never know what you’ll learn!

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