Community-focused business directories

As a small business, based in a major regional centre, we understand the importance of local residents and organisations supporting other local businesses. In our case (Geelong), we are close enough to a capital city (Melbourne) where businesses can easily commute to perform work in our region.

There are so many ways to identify service providers - search engines, specialty web directories, local newspapers, etc - but how do you know who is truly a local business?

It's easy to make a business appear to be local by using keywords, purchasing the rights to postcodes in certain directories, purchasing advertising space and the like.

We don't like that and so we have set our minds to creating community-based directories that make it easier to support seriously local businesses.


Nearest is an app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. As the name suggests, Nearest provides details of businesses according to how far they are away from where you are right now - depending upon your search criteria, the businesses that are nearest to you will be displayed at the top of the list.

To be eligible for a Nearest listing, businesses must be able to demonstrate to us that they have a physical presence where they say they have - a home-based business, a shop, an office, a showroom, etc. It is not enough for them to say that they will service an area. They need to show that they are truly part of your local community and local economy.

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