Helping you to support your Nearest small businesses.


Nearest is an app for Apple and Android devices, developed by Untypical Thinking.

Nearest was established to enable local businesses to promote their products and services to the local residents and other businesses in their region, in a targeted and cost-effective way.

At Untypical Thinking, we want to do what we can to encourage everyone to support their own local economy, choosing local businesses whenever they can – and we really think that Nearest can help facilitate that.

#buyLocal – it’s more than a hashtag.

It’s about supporting YOUR region. Nearest becomes the “go to” destination for local people to find seriously local businesses. No capital city-based businesses masquerading as local businesses. Real local businesses. Businesses that might employ your friends. Businesses that might give your child a part-time job. Businesses that are re-investing in your region. Businesses that are supporting other businesses around their area.

For local businesses, Nearest is the vehicle that will drive a #buyLocal agenda for your region. Rather than having your web site lost in the Google jungle, you’ll be listed right there on the smartphone app that ONLY allows local businesses to advertise. Rather than paying thousands of dollars every year to be listed on a multi-national business directory (and then find that you are relegated to page 15 of the search results), pay a tiny fraction of that amount to have your business listed on Nearest, with on-page links to your web site, your social media and your email address. Visitors can even telephone you directly or request turn-by-turn directions from your Nearest listing. Tell your friends! Local people viewing local businesses on their phone, easily and quickly.

Support your Nearest small businesses.