Our Podcasts

We don't just help others to create podcasts - we produce our own podcasts too.

Not only are we able to help you to develop, produce and record your podcast, we have had some experience in developing podcasts under our Untypical Media brand.

Our first pilot podcasts - The Biz Whiz Project and The Untypical Podcast - were produced in 2017 and 2018 respectively. These "practice runs" gave us a chance to understand the technology and the process that needs to be followed to produce a podcast.

We have also been able to test out a few podcasting services and we are pleased to recommend Podcast.co as our preferred hosting option.



WOWpod is a podcast that enables normal people to present and discuss their wisdom. We might occasionally have a guest who is well-known in their field of expertise but, in most cases, they'll just be like you and me - people who go about their daily lives, probably not even realising that their accumulated wisdom is something worth sharing.

To learn more about WOWpod, please visit the WOWpod website.


Untypical Thoughts

Untypical Thoughts is a podcast that is an audio version of the individual posts that appear on the Untypical Thoughts page on this web site. Short, sharp and punchy rather than lengthy and detailed, the Untypical Thoughts podcast presents ideas, views and news about business and non-business related topics, with most episodes only taking a few minutes to consume.

To learn more about Untypical Thoughts, please visit the Untypical Thoughts page.


2 Blokes Chatting

There ARE lots of carefully prepared and scripted podcasts out there providing inspirational messages and business tips … and then there’s 2 Blokes Chatting. Neil Butler and Robert Cameron broadcast just about every game played by the Geelong Cats VFL & VFLW teams. Each week as part of their preparation for their broadcasts, they record 2 Blokes Chatting - a podcast about local footy in and around Geelong.

To learn more about 2 Blokes Chatting, please visit the 2 Blokes Chatting website.