The Pain Point Eliminator

Identifying, prioritising and eliminating pain points ... one by one

Pain points are the things - often minor things - that are stopping your people performing their roles effectively and efficiently. In our experience, rather than addressing and eliminating the pain points in their business, people invent new and more complicated processes to work around them. These new processes create new pain points and, guess what ... they create even more new processes!

Somewhere along the line, the pain points need to be eliminated rather than tolerated and this is where the Untypical Pain Point Eliminator comes into its own.

We use our simple NOW, HOW and WOW! approach to work with your team to identifyprioritise and eliminate pain points.



We start by understanding your current situation. We will sit down and chat with individuals and small groups within your team to understand what they believe to be their pain points - actual or perceived. All responses will be gathered together into our Now document - a consolidated list of pain points as identified by the members of your team.

Our experience suggests that some of these pain points will be obvious to everyone. Others will only represent a pain point to one or two members of your team. Either way, if an issue is causing a pain point for some or all of your team, you need to know.



The next step is to prioritise the list of pain points based on the magnitude of their impact and their ease of elimination. This prioritisation is typically done using an online survey of all participants. This step allows us to identify which pain points we target first. Once that list of pain points has been collated and prioritised, we facilitate a workshop or, maybe, part of an away day for your team where solutions will be “crowd-sourced” - that is, small groups working together to come up with the best way to eliminate these pain points. We think that if the elimination strategies are developed by your team, they are much more likely to be accepted and implemented.

The outcome of this workshop is the HOW document - a collection of solutions to the prioritised pain points.



Once the HOW document has been agreed, the proposed actions can be taken to eliminate the prioritised pain points. This might simply be a small “tweak” to an existing process or may require a dedicated resource for a day or two to complete a task. After an agreed period (typically six to eight weeks), we'll come back and work with your team to assess how many of the agreed pain points have been eliminated.

We’re pretty confident that, with the right level of focus and effort, progress will be significant and will be worthy of a WOW! event - maybe a special morning tea, a social event or a team lunch.

WOW indeed!

Please get in touch to learn more about The Pain Point Eliminator. To schedule a no-obligation conversation, please visit our Calendar page to choose a suitable date and time.