Untypical Project Delivery
Delivering successful projects

“When you are looking at a national deployment of mobile technology – over 170 trucks, close to 200 drivers, all located in over 30 regional centres across Australia – you simply cannot manage without additional resources to help with delivering the outcomes that your business case was based on.

But you don't want just any resources – you need project delivery experts who can be relied upon to work without the need for close supervision. Untypical Thinking came in, provided us with direction and professional, hands-on delivery resources. Frankly, we wouldn't have succeeded without them.”

In this example, Untypical Thinking worked closely with the existing project sponsor and project manager to understand what was creating pain for them. It was evident that they required high quality, targeted user documentation which became our initial priority. As the deployment drew closer and the need for additional training and coaching resources was identified, we were able to provide a senior implementation consultant and a seriously talented project administration coordinator at very short notice.

Untypical Thinking’s ability to adapt quickly to the changing requirements of our client made a significant contribution to the successful roll-out of the technology within the challenging timelines that just had to be met.

Trying to manage project delivery at the same time as conducting your “business as usual” is a recipe for disaster – overworked colleagues, disgruntled customers, unsuccessful deployments … the list goes on.

What are your project delivery pain points? How can we help you to eliminate them?

Project Delivery Specifics

We have specific project delivery and consulting experience in a range of business disciplines such as project management, change management, project administration, training and education, account management, credit management, inventory control, business analysis and many others. We have experience in a broad range of industry sectors too including fuel and lubricants, retailing, supply chain and regional distribution, tertiary education, banking and financial services, health and, of course, small business too.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all consulting firms are the same – major global brands with the high costs of maintaining a CBD presence and major infrastructure across Australia. These firms seem to only be interested in the “top end of town”.

We have the ability, flexibility and experience to work with your business without having to maintain that infrastructure and other overheads. We are agile. We are adaptable. We don’t get hung up on which project management protocol you want to use – we just get on and get the job done.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to deliver your next project.