Project Delivery

We specialise in getting the job done. Properly.

The key to the delivery of project outcomes is finding people with the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience. The default position of many Program Directors is to find people who have delivered the same projects in the same industry for years, working on the basis that they will continue to do a good job. And more often not, they will do a good job.

But is that the best approach to project delivery?

For starters, we believe that the key people in a project team are the Change and Transformation facilitators - not the Program/Project Managers/Directors. We are not saying that they don't play an important role - of course they do - but we see them as the drivers more than the navigators. They'll make sure that we don't spend too much money and that, in a technology project, development work is delivered on time - but will we be necessarily heading in the right direction for a change or transformation?

We think that the most important success factors are not the cost and timelines but instead the engagement with affected people and the acceptance and embedding of the change/transformation by those people. To continue our driving analogy, we like to focus on navigating and leave the driving to somebody else.

We would argue that the best exponents of project delivery are those who have been able to deliver projects across a range of industry sectors. As we have said in other places on this Untypical web site, if you want more of the same - reliable, safe, predictable - then working with people who have done the same thing over and over again is probably the place to start.

But, surely, one of the primary drivers for starting a project is to do things differently. To create a competitive advantage. To transform your business and not simply to "roll out a change".

At Untypical, we only engage people who can demonstrate an ability to think outside of the box. In fact, we like to work in an environment where nobody even realises that there is a box to think in. Our people will bring real-life experiences across a range of industry sectors. In a range of business sizes. In a range of locations - CBD, regional and rural Australia, international regions and global. We will only engage people who are capable of thinking on their feet. Who can respond to sudden unexpected events. Whose primary focus in those situations is to resolve the issue rather reverting to the change plan.

And with that capability, experience and diversity, we are confident in our ability to deliver your projects. Properly.

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