Recommended Service Providers

People you can work with in your small business

One mistake many people make when running their own business is to try and do everything themselves. Often the primary driver for this decision is cost-related - it makes sense to do-it-yourself if you have the expertise and time. But there will be things you need to do where you don't have the expertise or the experience to do it properly.

We are no different to you - we have also needed support as we built our business. On this page, we are pleased to acknowledge and recommend a number of those businesses - if you need services like the ones they provide, we would be very comfortable knowing that you might work with them based on our recommendation.

Please note that we receive no additional support or financial inducement to provide details of these organisations on this page. And because we don't want to play favourites, we have listed them alphabetically by business name.

Divert To Mobile

Divert To Mobile offers a mobile diversion service which enables a landline number to divert to up to five different telephone numbers. For an affordable monthly fee and cost per incoming call, your callers can choose from up to four different IVR options, each of which are diverted to the numbers of your choice. The service also provides an office hours option which diverts callers to voicemail, outside of your chosen hours.

To learn more about Divert To Mobile, please visit the Divert To Mobile website.


Indie Lime

When we decided to revamp our branding in 2019, we wanted to find a graphic designer who was prepared to step outside conventional thinking, giving us an image that matched our Untypical approach. We were also very keen to support a local business from in or around Geelong. We were delighted with the service provided by Lara from Indie Lime and would certainly recommend her if you are looking to create or revamp your brand.

To learn more about Indie Lime, please visit the Indie Lime website.


Strawberry Seed Consulting

For many business owners, the most difficult part of running their business is managing their employees - recruitment, contracts, remuneration, etc. Strawberry Seed Consulting is a locally-based team of HR experts who work with small to medium sized businesses across Australia. They provide a range of services that allow you to run your business while they support your people-related activities. We highly recommend them!

To learn more about Strawberry Seed Consulting, please visit the Strawberry Seed Consulting website.