Untypical Recruitment
Finding roles for individuals not candidates for vacancies

"I manage the recruitment activities for a large company and, for years, we have been trying to find someone who recruits with our needs in mind, not theirs. It seems that some recruiters are just trying to place anyone into our roles so that they can move onto their next assignment.

We want candidates that match OUR requirements – that can’t be too hard, can it?"

Well, we wouldn't have thought so ...

Recently, Untypical People was asked to find a subject matter expert for the business technology support team within a major global organisation. Their preferred recruitment supplier had been asked to provide candidates for this role for over six weeks and every one that was proposed and, in some cases, interviewed, fell well short of the client’s expectations.

After consulting with appropriate people within our network, we were able to locate two candidates. The candidates were so close to our client’s brief that both were employed! This led to three additional recruitment projects for Untypical People – all assignments completed successfully with a total of only seven candidates for the five roles.

Untypical People doesn’t work like other recruitment companies, primarily because we are not a recruitment company. Every time we start a new recruitment project for a client, we actually do start a new recruitment project – we don’t see it as an extension of the previous one. Old resumes are thrown away and new ones sought. We go to our network and/or the market with the specifics of this role in mind – not what we did for the last role or for our previous client.

And to top it off, we agree a service fee based on the amount of work we think we’ll need to do to find your next colleague – not some randomly selected percentage of their starting salary.

Recruitment Specifics

Is it the inflexibility of the traditional recruitment model – where you are charged a percentage of starting salary, regardless of how much work the recruiter does? Is it the fact that you are bombarded with resumes that often don’t match what it is that you are looking for? Maybe you just don’t think that your recruiter is listening anymore.

Our recruitment model is refreshingly different.

Firstly, we listen to what it is that you want your candidate to be – their experience, their skill set, their qualifications. The next activity is to discuss the steps in the recruitment process – maybe there are some steps that you’d prefer to do yourself. We are happy to work with you on one, some or all of the steps involved. Then, once we understand what it is you want us to do, we agree on how much our service is going to cost you, based on the amount of work that we have agreed to do for you.

And because we work virtually, we don’t need to include the cost of a national infrastructure or an office on Pitt Street or Collins Street.

We don’t keep a tonne of outdated resumes (have you considered how long a current resume is valid?) and we don’t use keywords to churn out an auto-generated short list of matching candidates. We don’t limit ourselves to people who have held down the same role in the same industry. That might be an easy and predictable option for some recruiters – we prefer to look at other skills and experience too.

We maintain strong networks and use them to identify current and available people for your vacancies. If we do have to advertise for candidates, we write advertisements that target the specific type of person you are looking for.

As we said in the heading above, we like to think that we find roles for people, not just candidates for vacancies.

We are keen to work with you to eliminate your recruitment pain points - please contact us to discuss how Untypical our recruitment service is.