Additional Services

Specific ways we can help you and your community


Regional Reset is a program that has been developed for regional communities as they work towards developing a post-COVID recovery plan. Utilising our vast experience in transformation programs and with regionally-based businesses, we are in a unique position to help regional communities as they navigate towards their "new normal", focusing on community and economic development.

Within the Regional Reset program, we are able to provide additional services that will enhance the engagement and development activities that will be required to reset, re-establish and re-generate.

Regional Podcasts

In our opinion, one of the best and most contemporary ways to engage with your community is via a regular podcast. Our Regional Podcasts service is designed to allow a podcast to be an important part of your community engagement activities, while minimising the effort that you need to invest to create it.

Check out our Regional Podcasts web site for more information.

Smallbiz TV

Our Smallbiz TV service provides affordable video content for small businesses to be used on their web site or social media channels. We have our own YouTube channel and podcast that we use to publish our existing clients' videos but in the context of your Regional Reset, it would be easy to establish a separate channel for your region's businesses. And like all of our podcasting and vodcasting services, our aim is to make it cost-effective and easy for you. Minimal effort for maximum benefit!

As well as just providing video content, our Smallbiz TV can be streamed live via YouTube, Facebook and/or LinkedIn. Just imagine a special event day or a weekly time slot where we showcase your business community via your social media channels! 

Check out our Smallbiz TV web site for more information.


Who made up the rule that web sites have to be a whole lot of written text?

So many web sites are just fancy-looking versions of written brochures. Sure, throw in some photos to break up the text blocks but, at the end of the day, most web sites are just paragraph after paragraph of text. 

audiate brings those web sites to life with audio versions available at the top of each page. If you want to see what we mean, check out each page on the Regional Reset web site - just below the heading.

Check out our audiate web page for more information.


Our parent business, Untypical, also operates an online radio station called goRadio.Live. We think that dedicating one of our weekend time slots to a regional community would be a fun way to engage the people who live and work there. Requests, shout outs, ads for local businesses across a 3 or 4 hour radio program, playing the very best music of the past 70 years.

Check out our regionalRadio.Live web page for more information.

Other podcasting / vodcasting activities

While these are specific services that we provide, we are also able to support a range of other podcasting and vodcasting (video podcasting) activities. Whether it is for a special event, a specific short-term activity or an on-going engagement activity, our conversational podcasting and vodcasting services can be tailored to what you need.

And regardless of what your requirements are, we will work with you to create a product that is cost-effective and requires minimal effort from you.

Please check out our Untypical Podcasts web site for more information about podcasting and vodcasting for your community.