Untypical Resume Building
Telling your story to give you the best chance of success

"I have just found out that my contract position is coming to a close in six weeks time. My resume is at least four years old and really needs to be modified to reflect what I have done in my last two roles. Last time I was looking for a role, a couple of recruiters told me that my resume needed an overhaul - I can only imagine what they would say now.

Having spoken to a few friends that have just been through the process of finding a new job, I am confused about what to include, what to leave out, how to present the information - I just wish I could find someone who will give me contemporary advice about how to write a resume."

We know that it is not just finding the time to put together your resume that can be difficult. Our Untypical Resume Building program (in association with Strawberry Seed Consulting) helps you to understand what to include (or leave out) and how to best market your skills to a prospective employer. We offer one-on-one programs which can be tailored to your needs or choose to learn in your own time with our online training program, Resume Coach. Whatever tools you choose, we will arm you with the know-how to find the job that is right for you.

Our Untypical Resume Coaching program focuses on getting to know you and where you want your career to go. We customise your program to meet your specific needs. The program includes a one-hour consultation where we discuss career planning, job search strategies, application letters and networking tools such as LinkedIn.

We use the time to gather the information we need to produce a targeted resume. You receive a workbook to take home with additional examples, resources and information. By the end of your one-on-one program, you are armed with everything you need to find the position that is right for you.

Please contact us when you are ready to start creating or redesigning your resume.