Untypical Safety Solutions
Helping you to make safety your number 1 priority

"We know that it isn't good enough to do our own thing with safety anymore. We have made a commitment to our staff, customers and suppliers to ensure their safety at all times but we don't have the know-how, qualifications or experience to do it ourselves.

We have some experience with consultants that have developed plans and processes that are impractical for a business like ours. We don't want a simple "tick, flick and forget" approach to safety - we want a pragmatic but robust way to manage the safety of everyone we deal with."

It goes without saying that the health and safety of your colleagues, your suppliers, your customers and anyone else who comes into contact with your business or other organisation is paramount.

But, given everything else that you have to focus on, do you have the time, the energy and, most importantly, the skills and knowledge to deliver a culture and physical environment that minimises risk and maximises safety?

Our Untypical Safety Solutions program brings the knowledge, the qualifications and the experience that is often unavailable, particularly within smaller businesses.

How we can help you

Development of safety programs

There two ways to approach health and safety programs within your organisation

  • The development of a simple "tick and flick" checklist which meets the minimum legislative requirements
  • The development of a robust program that meets the legislative requirements AND provides the very best chance of ensuring zero harm to individuals and the envrionment

Given our company values, we hope it won't be a surprise to learn that Untypical Safety Solutions does NOT provide the service outlined in the first bullet point - we won't even do it if you ask us to. We are all about minimising the chances of harm to people and the environment and not about simply "ticking the box".

Provision of permits for selected work types

Our Untypical Safety Solutions expert, Gary Vincent is qualified and accredited to provide work permits in the following categories:

  • Hot Work
  • Cold Work
  • High Risk
  • Confined space
  • SWMS Development

Please contact us to discuss how Untypical Safety Solutions can work with you and your colleagues to minimise harm and maximise safety in everything you do.