Secret Site Visitor

There's no value in being online if no one can find you

I think we can all agree that having an online presence is a critical part of running a business - whether that is a web site, one or more social media pages, a podcast, a YouTube channel or any other form of online activity.

But here's an important question - how current is the content on your various online channels? And another - how easy is it to find your business on these channels?

The Secret Site Visitor by Untypical is the online equivalent of a mystery shopper program. Rather than walking through the door of your business and assessing the customer service, the product offerings, etc, the Secret Site Visitor does the same thing for your online channels.

All you do is give us your business name and we get to work. We don't want any of your social media usernames. We don't want your web site's URL. 

Once we have your business name, we go looking on the web - the ease with which we find your business is going to be similar to how easy it is for your customers (or future customers) to find you. And when we find you, we will then provide you with a report that outlines our opinion on how well your online presence operates.

Click here to download an example of a Secret Site Visitor report.

And it is not just a report - we also provide a taste of our 3GI program by providing Three Great Ideas - ideas that we think will improve your online presence. 

All of this for a cost of $198 (including GST) - a worthwhile investment to ensure that you are visible, relevant and current.

Please get in touch to learn more about The Secret Site Visitor. To schedule a no-obligation conversation, please visit our Calendar page to choose a suitable date and time.