The Secret Site Visitor
Assessing your online presence

We all know about the concept of a mystery shopper – someone who picks up their clipboard and heads into shops and other business premises, pretending to be a customer and then reporting back about their experience.

For many businesses, however, the first (and often, the only) interaction they will have with a customer is via their online presence – their web site, their email interaction and the various social media channels that they use.

So, who’s checking to see whether your online presence is engaging, accurate, current and visually appealing?

Call in the Secret Site Visitor!

All you need to do is provide us with your business name and some contact details and we’ll do the rest. We’ll try and find your business online – if we can’t find it, neither will a prospective customer – and then provide you with a one page report on what we found – or didn’t find!

And as we like to do at Untypical Smallbiz, we will provide you with Three Great IdeasTM that you can use to improve your online image.

Get in contact with Untypical Smallbiz to arrange a visit from the Secret Site Visitor!