Small Business Mentoring

Bringing our experience in business to help you to run yours

Running a small business can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences you could imagine. You are your own boss. You are making the decisions. You are choosing the way your business operates. You are reaping the rewards of your efforts instead of "working for the man".

But it can also be stressful. It can place pressure on relationships. It can sometimes make you feel like it is you against the world, particularly in the early days.

And this is where the Untypical Small Business Mentoring program can help.

We have been running our own small business since 2011 and whilst we don't necessarily have all the answers, we do have plenty of experience. With our network of associates, we will find the right person to work with you - someone who runs similar type of business, maybe someone who runs a business in your region.

Our mentoring program can be tailored to suit your individual needs - maybe a short term program, an on-going arrangement where you can meet with your mentor on a regular basis or, perhaps, an "on-call" program where you contact your mentor as and when you need it.

As with so many of our Untypical programs, we will work with you to provide the services you need - not the services that we think you should have.

Have you considered a small business mentoring program before? Is this something that might help your business to develop and will help you to grow as a business owner?

Please get in touch to learn more about Untypical Small Business Mentoring. To schedule a no-obligation conversation, please visit our Calendar page to choose a suitable date and time.