Small Change
Change management for your small businesses

No, not that sort of small change!

I am talking about the sort of change that takes place in your small business. All businesses go through periods of change – maybe something as obvious as a new location or new point of sale system. Others, less obvious. Maybe a long-term employee is retiring and roles need to be re-defined and tasks re-allocated. Maybe, a new service is going to be offered and it needs to be incorporated into the existing program of work.

Regardless of the type and magnitude of the proposed change, there are a few things you need to remember about change:

  • Change affects different people in different ways – even those who say that they love change and embrace change will be, to some extent, unsettled by change.
  • For many, change is like going to the dentist – they know that they should, they know that they’ll be better off afterwards but they hate the thought of going through it.
  • The impact of change can be managed with some planning and some focus – most bad change experiences occur when planning and focus have been in short supply.

For many business owners, the thought of change management conjures up images of project teams, people wearing suits and lots of dollars marching out the door. Sure, if we are talking about a major change program in a multi-national enterprise, there needs to be a significant investment in change and project management.

But you are not a major global enterprise, looking to invest millions of dollars in project consultants.

So, how do you manage change in a simple, cost-effective manner?

That is why we developed the Untypical Small Change Program.

We’re here to help you with small change!

Whenever you set out to change something about the way your business operates – processes, products, systems, staff, anything – there is a risk that you’ll unsettle your staff, upset your customers, waste your money and/or energy and, once all is said and done, end up having to make another change to bring everything and everybody back on track. The best way to minimise this risk is change management – a structured and logical approach to preparing for and implementing the change, regardless of how trivial or significant it appears to be.

For most small to medium sized businesses, though, the concept of change management seems to be outside of their financial reach. But Untypical Small Change has been designed to bring the basics of change management together in a simple, pragmatic approach that is definitely within the reach of every small to medium-sized business.

Normally $165 (including GST), for a limited introductory period, we have reduced the one-off payment to join Untypical Small Change to $110 (including GST).

For this one-off payment you will be given access to all of the document templates, blog posts, tips and ideas that will allow you to approach your next change project (and every other future project!) with confidence. These resources will only be available to registered subscribers of Untypical Small Change.

To get you started, we have developed two documents that you are welcome to download and use at no cost. This will give you a flavour of what you can expect to find in the other resources that are only available to those who purchase access to Untypical Small Change.

  • Change Decision Document – helping you to decide whether your change project should go ahead or not.
  • People Affected Document – helping you to identify the people that will be affected by the proposed change.

These are examples of templates that will be made available to subscribers of Untypical Small Change – subscribers will be able to download these as editable MS Office documents. Additionally, documents that outline activities and processes that will enhance your change program are included in the subscription. Documents to be included in the first release of Untypical Small Change include:

Managing Change For Small BusinessChange Decision DocumentChange Program Checklist
People AffectedWhat’s Happening Around Me?What It Will Look Like
What’s ChangingHow Are We Going To do This?Keeping Everyone Involved
Keeping Everyone InformedHow Will This Affect Me and My Staff?Training Program
How Will The Processes Change?Risks And IssuesWho Is Responsible
What Does Success Look Like?Was It Worth It?What Did We Learn
Thinking About UsKeep, Start, StopWhat Happens If It All Goes Wrong?