Untypical Smallbiz
Support for Australia's business backbone

You know the old saying ... one size fits all? Well, we don't think that's true at all.

We understand that running a small business provides a completely different of challenges and issues than when you run a large enterprise. Many of the well-known consulting firms don't fully appreciate that and, in many cases, simply price themselves out of the small business market.

Untypical Smalllbiz is part of a small business and so we understand those challenges and issues. But, even better, each of our people has had extensive experience with one or more large organisations before establishing their own small business.

It's the best of both worlds for our small business clients - large national and international experience, specifically tailored and adapted to the operation of small businesses. Check out some of the ways that we can work with you.

Untypical Career Coaching
3GI - Three Great Ideas

Many of our clients and small business associates have told us that they sometimes find themselves suffering from what we call “idea fatigue” – the period that most businesses confront at some stage where they simply run out of new ideas. That’s where the Untypical 3GITM Program steps up to the plate.

Three Great IdeasTM that you can implement straightaway - ideas that we think will have a positive impact on your business.

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Getting It Done

You know how it is when you are running a small business - always plenty to do in a ridiculously small amount of time. And that's just the "business as usual" stuff.

What about the special projects? What about that maintenance work? What about the marketing activity that you have been trying to start for months?

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Untypical Change Management
Untypical Education

Starting a business is a great thing to do but when you actually start thinking about what you have to do and in what sequence, it suddenly becomes a very daunting thing to do.

We've been there and done that ourselves and we have helped others get started as well. We don't have all the skills and knowledge that is necessary but we are sure that we know someone who does. Talking to Untypical Smallbiz could save you a lot of time and effort.

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Secret Site Visitor

Businesses spend so much time and money getting their office or store front to look great for their customers. They make sure that their staff are ready to provide the best customer service they can. After all, first impressions count the most, don't they!

But these days, so many businesses rely on their web site and social media presence to provide that first interaction with their customers. So who's checking your online world to make sure that it provides a great initial impression?

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The Untypical Pain Point Eliminator
Untypical Project Delivery
Small Change

They say that the one constant in business is change. Unless you are continually changing and improving the way you do things, your business will soon be moving backwards.

The concept of Change Management is well-recognised at the big end of town but not many people have stopped to think about change management for small businesses. In our minds, change management is just as important for small businesses but no one seems to have taken the time to design a sensible and appropriate approach for small businesses like yours. We have!

Coming Soon!

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Your Untypical Advisor

We see it so often in small businesses, particularly those that are run by couples and families. You live together, travel together, work together - we think that this often leads to a lack of new ideas, challenges and critical analysis.

That's why we set up the Your Untypical Advisor program - we can provide you with that external perspective, new ideas, fresh thoughts on a regular or one-off basis.

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The Untypical Pain Point Eliminator