Who's telling your story?

... and are they telling it so the right people hear it?

Everybody has a story.

Every business has a story. Every organisation has a story. Every region and every town has a story.

Who is telling yours?

After the unavoidable disruption to businesses and other organisations during 2020, 2021 and 2022, everyone is clamouring to have their story heard. There are emails flying around, everyone is a podcaster ... but is it time to stop, take a breath and seriously consider how to have your story heard?

So many businesses have gone back to "communications as usual" - back to their email mailing lists or maybe some online interaction via webinars. Very few organisations have stopped and looked at their communications approach - they've simply reverted to the "tried and tested" methods of 2019 and before.

The Untypical difference

This where we can really help you. We can help you to understand the profound difference between communications and engagement. We can work with you to develop a true engagement strategy to replace the outdated concept of a communications approach. We can introduce you to technologies that you may have previously thought were out of reach for your business.

Better still - we can incorporate those technologies into a contemporary engagement program that hardly requires you to lift a finger. 

No seriously. We really can.

We are experts in engagement - from small businesses to the big guys. From the heart of the capital cities to our heartland - regional Australia.

Don't let your story get lost in the white noise of the mad communications scramble. If you are going to the effort of telling your story, make sure it is seen and heard.

Please visit our Untypical Media web page for more details about some of the technologies we can help you with - regardless of how big or small your business, regardless of where you are located. 

Better still, visit our Calendar page and schedule a no-obligation conversation with our Engagement Specialist about how we can give you the very best chance to have your story seen and heard.