Untypical Thinking
Thinking that is anything but typical ...

As we have said throughout our web site, we chose to call our business Untypical Thinking because that’s what we believe sets us apart from consulting businesses. We offer a range of services under our Untypical Thinking brand that ARE different to the myriad consulting businesses in the market.

In fact, we are different enough to those firms to confidently state that:

  • We are not a consulting business
  • We don’t compete with, nor do we want to compete with, consulting businesses
  • We are problem solvers and idea generators

Check out some of our services below and when you are ready to discuss how Untypical Thinking can change how your business or other organisation operates, please contact us for an obligation-free conversation.

Welcome to Untypical Thinking.

The Untypical Challenge
The Untypical Challenge

"So, we set out on a project to improve our engagement with our customers. We had some real momentum, with everybody on board and enthusiastic about our plans - in fact, things were going along so well, that we couldn't see anything to stop us from being successful!

But then, we decided to undertake The Untypical Challenge and I am so glad that we did. A set of external eyes, bringing their experience to ask the tough questions. For the most part, the challenge supported our approach but it found a simpler and more-cost effective solution that suited our needs so much better"

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Untypical Change Management

"Let’s be honest, no one likes change. It’s like going to the dentist – everyone knows that you have to do it, everyone feels better after they’ve done it but nobody ACTUALLY likes going through it. In my experience, though, the projects that have been successful are the ones that have acknowledged the need to manage the associated change and have employed someone to specifically manage that change.

We really liked the approach that Untypical Thinking took with our project - simple, pragmatic change management without the fancy words and pointless documentation."

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Untypical Change Management
Untypical Education
Untypical Education

"We don’t have any training and education experts within our business and so, new projects or processes are usually presented by non-training people. Invariably, this has led to poor levels of interest and uptake in what we are trying to implement.

We were looking for a professional training and education business who could assist us in the development of an overall training strategy and then provide quality programs to support our new initiatives. Fortunately, we found Untypical Thinking"

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The Untypical Pain Point Eliminator

“You know how it gets in a busy corporate office – everyone running around doing their own thing to try and meet the deadlines and expectations that pop up every day. I found that I was going home each day further and further behind the eight ball, never seeming to get on top of the ever-growing backlog.

And then I heard about the Untypical Pain Point Eliminator – an opportunity for me and my team to stop and reflect on what it is that is causing these headaches for us. A simple and pragmatic approach to identifying and eliminating those pain points.”

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The Untypical Pain Point Eliminator
Untypical Project Delivery
Untypical Project Delivery

“When you are looking at a national deployment of mobile technology – over 170 trucks, close to 200 drivers, all located in over 30 regional centres across Australia – you simply cannot manage without additional resources to help with delivering the outcomes that your business case was based on.

But you don't want just any resources – you need project delivery experts who can be relied upon to work without the need for close supervision. Untypical Thinking came in, provided us with direction and professional, hands-on delivery resources. Frankly, we wouldn't have succeeded without them.”

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Untypical Safety Solutions
Conducted in association with iSafety Solutions

"We know that it isn't good enough to do our own thing with safety anymore. We have made a commitment to our staff, customers and suppliers to ensure their safety at all times but we don't have the know-how, qualifications or experience to do it ourselves.

We have some experience with consultants that have developed plans and processes that are impractical for a business likes ours. We don't want a simple "tick, flick and forget" approach to safety - we want a pragmatic but robust way to manage the safety of everyone we deal with."

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Untypical Safety Solutions