Untypical Thinking

Our sweet spot - we're not like the others

As we said on our home page, we are often mistaken for a traditional consulting firm. With due respect to those businesses, that's not where we want to operate. Many of our potential clients will want to take a traditional approach to business improvement and change and that's where the myriad consulting firms will be able to help them.

But ... and it is an important distinction ... we want to be seen as problem solvers and ideas generators. Unconsultants rather than consultants. This is our sweet spot. Solving problems and generating ideas that the traditional guys won't be able to. Many of the bigger firms seem to want to bend and adapt your objectives to ensure that their pre-existing solutions work. We tackle your issues and work towards the outcomes you want.

We take a much simpler and client-focused approach. We sit with our clients to understand where they want to go and work out how we get there. We challenge their objectives but don't bend them. The solutions we bring are based on our extensive experience across a range of industries and not on the latest buzzword protocols. We focus our attention on the outcome and not on the process.

We love making people feel uncomfortable in sticking to what they have always done. We love challenging the cultural inertia. We used to enjoy using words like "disruption" and "transformation" until they became synonyms for "challenge" and "big change".

If this sounds a bit confronting, then we are probably not the business you want to work with. If, on the other hand, this sounds like what you have been searching for, let's get together for a FREE no-obligation chat - please get in touch!

Here are some of the programs we deliver to clients to help them to truly change the way they do business.

Engagement Strategy Development

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The Pain Point Eliminator

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The Untypical Challenge

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Untypical Change Management

Change Management is a critical part of every project but it seems to us that too many change managers and consultants are more focused on delivering their "artefacts" and "processes" and not enough on outcomes ... [READ MORE]