An Untypical Alphabet

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

Hi and welcome to the start of a new series of Untypical Thoughts. In this new series, I am going to release one new Untypical thought per weekday for the next five weeks or so.

I have written and spoken about Transformagination on several occasions during the first half of 2020 and several businesses have already expressed interest in developing a Transformaginative mindset.

In this upcoming series of 26 episodes, I’ll introduce 50 words that should be part of all conversations about going forward, post-COVID. Most people who present these sorts of lists do so as part of an A to Z of whatever they are talking about.

But we are Untypical. We’re not going to do it in alphabetical order. We’ll start with U and then T and then randomly select the remaining letters of the alphabet until we reach the end.

Why be predictable? Why follow existing protocols? We are Untypical after all!

Our first episode in this series will be released tomorrow. Please subscribe to Untypical Thoughts in your favourite podcast store so that you don’t miss one single letter!

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