When it's time for a professional voice for your organisation, get in touch.

When you think about it, a significant amount of interaction with your customers, clients and followers is now voice-related - telephones, YouTube clips, podcasts and the like. 

In the same way that you have a logo for your business, consistent colours in your web site and printed material, doesn't it make sense to also make your audio consistent?

At Untypical Media, we have access to a number of voice artists who are ready to be the voice of your organisation. All you need to think about is what that voice sounds like - male vs female, corporate or informal, young vs old - and then leave the rest to us.

Yes, you can find cheaper alternatives on the internet - that's how the Fiverrs and Airtaskers of the world make their money.  But will your organisation's voice still be working through these channels in the future?  If not, how will you be able to contact them? If not, how much more expensive is it going to be to record your voiceovers in the future? How quickly will those voiceover artists turn around an urgent request? Are they even in your time zone and therefore able to respond quickly? These should all be considerations for you when you are deciding on the voice of your organisation.

Before you go and commit to someone who might not even be there when you get to your next project, please get in touch with Untypical Media for a FREE no-obligation chat about how we can help.