Welcome to Untypical Thinking

Welcome, indeed.

Untypical Thinking is the new entity formed by bringing together two existing brands – Xera Consulting and The Biz Whiz. We are a small business consultancy based in the regional city of Geelong, approximately 70km south-west of Melbourne, Australia.

We like our new name because it clearly articulates what we are about. We are deliberately and intentionally different to all of those other consulting and business support firms out there. We don’t see these other organisations as competitors – they are offering a traditional, structured consulting service to their clients and, as long as that is working for those clients, we are pleased that all parties are happy working together.

But what about your business? Maybe you have tried working with these other organisations and feel like they just don’t deliver what you are looking for. Maybe you’ve checked out their rate cards and simply can’t afford to engage their services.

We don’t offer the same services they do – we offer services that demonstrate our commitment to Untypical Thinking. We don’t want to be conventional. We want people to see us as being very different.

We are proudly Untypical. How can we help you and your business?

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