Your Podcast

The evolution of the newsletter

How do you communicate with your customers and colleagues? 

Let's consider the evolution of the newsletter.


Let's go back to, say, 1970 - if you wanted to provide mass communications to your staff or your customers, you'd send a hand-written note to the typing pool and ask them to type up a memo or a letter and distribute it via internal or external mail.


In 1984, we saw the start of a revolution with the first Apple Macintosh and desktop publishing was born. Office staff were able to develop documents that included images without having to send the content out to a design agency or printer.


By the mid-1990's, email had started a revolution in communication. Not only could we develop our own internal documents, we could distribute them quickly and cost-effectively using something called eDM (or electronic direct marketing). 


In 2004, Apple introduced the iPod and suddenly, we had a brand new communication channel - the podcast. Some businesses embraced it as a great way to stand out from the crowd. The vast majority didn't and kept on sending email newsletters.

So, what about you and your organisation or business? Are you still living in the 90's? Wondering why no one seems to know what's going on?

It's time to ditch the MailChimp mailing list and move to podcast subscribers. It's time to seriously consider a podcast instead of your existing newsletter. Think of the advantages:

Newsletter via email   Podcast
Your newsletter email will always be competing for attention in a crowded inbox.   Subscribers can receive new episodes automatically with a push notification on their phone.
The reader has to open their email program, open the email, open the newsletter and read the content.   Listeners can open their podcast app when prompted and listen to an episode at the touch of a single button.
Printed documents are printed documents - the best you can do is use colour and the occasional image.   Podcasts allow for conversations and interviews with the people you want to hear from, adding life and energy to the content.
Newsletters can be printed and/or forwarded to anybody.    Podcasts can be marked private and non-downloadable - only authorised people can listen to the content.
Who wants to read ANOTHER document?   Podcasting continues to be one of the fastest growing communication channels across Australia and the world. People LISTEN to podcasts.

Yes, we understand that not everyone is in a position to create a regular podcast and that is why we established Your Podcast as part of Untypical Media. You provide the content and we'll create the podcast and the episodes for you. Minimum effort and maximum impact for the most important people in your business - your customers and your employees.

Please get in touch to learn more about how we can help you with Your Podcast. To schedule a no-obligation conversation, please visit our Calendar page to choose a suitable date and time.