Your Untypical Advisor
Bringing fresh eyes to your business

Most medium to large sized businesses are managed and led by a board of directors and/or an executive team. Working as a group, they are able to discuss ideas and suggestions that are presented, taking advantage of the combined experience of the assembly. When the group makes decisions, they can be made, taking into account a range of views and perspectives.

When you manage a small business – maybe as a sole trader or a family-operated business – this breadth of knowledge and experience is often significantly limited. Where the business is operated by a couple or a family, the additional dynamic of living together as well as working together can lead to stress at home and an aversion to risk.

If that sounds like your business, then you need to talk to Untypical Smallbiz.

We can act as Your Untypical Advisor, attending regular business meetings with you, providing our experience and knowledge to the conversation. Obviously, we can’t make the decisions for you – it’s your business – but we can bring an external perspective to your strategy and operational meetings.

We can work with you on a regular basis (for example, attending your monthly meetings) or can be brought in to facilitate a specific event (for example, an annual strategy workshop).

Why not give us a call to discuss how we can make a difference as Your Untypical Advisor?