The Untypical Pain Point Eliminator
Identifying, prioritising and eliminating pain points

"You know how it gets in a busy corporate office – everyone running around doing their own thing to try and meet the deadlines and expectations that pop up every day. I found that I was going home each day further and further behind the eight ball, never seeming to get on top of the ever-growing backlog.

And then I heard about the Untypical Pain Point Eliminator – an opportunity for me and my team to stop and reflect on what it is that is causing these headaches for us. A simple and pragmatic approach to identifying and eliminating those pain points."

The Untypical Pain Point EliminatorTM has been designed to work with managers, team leaders and their colleagues in both operational and project teams to:

  • reflect on their day-to-day activities
  • identify their pain points
  • prioritise the pain points and then,
  • eliminate those pain points

We do this through a series of one-on-one conversations and team workshops, making use of our simple and straightforward NOW, HOW, WOW!TM methodology. As the name suggests, NOW, HOW, WOW!TM involves three distinct steps that are outlined below.

Unlike so many of the super-complex professional services options that have flooded the consulting market during the past fifteen to twenty years, The Untypical Pain Point EliminatorTM is cost-effective and is designed to provide simple and pragmatic solutions to the pain points that are holding you and your team back.

No corporate speak. No motherhood statements. No patronising masterplans. No mega-cost consulting projects. Just simple, effective solutions to the things that are creating pain for you every day – The Untypical Pain Point EliminatorTM

Contact us to discuss how The Untypical Pain Point Eliminator can make a real difference in your business.

You get the opportunity to work with your team to reflect on what they are doing now and to identify the pain points that are stopping them from achieving their best possible performance. Working in small groups, your team work through the pain points and assign priorities to each one and then develop solutions to eliminate them within an agreed timeline.  After an agreed period of time , we reconvene for a celebration session, where each small group presents what they did to eliminate the pain points that they were assigned. Wow indeed!