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Untypical by name. Untypical by nature.

Let's be clear ... if you are visiting with an expectation of us just being another of the thousands of consulting firms in the Australian market, we would recommend that you move on. There is nothing for you to see here.

We are NOT a consulting firm. That said, we are not really sure what we should call ourselves. We solve challenging problems. We generate innovative ideas. We lead people through TransformaginationTM

Our business is broken up into four areas - Thinking, Media, Smallbiz and People. Each area is introduced below with links to visit other pages with details of some of the programs we offer. That said, if you are looking for some assistance with something that isn't described anywhere on the web site, please contact us - we're happy to help you, and if we can't, we'll help you find someone who can.

Welcome to Untypical.

Untypical Thinking. Our sweet spot. We're not like the others.

As we said in our introduction above, we are often referred to as a consulting firm. Some of the activities we are engaged to perform are similar to what consulting firms do but we are not like the others.

Let us be very clear at this point - we are not criticising consulting firms. It's just not what we do.

Consulting firms do a fantastic job for many businesses and, if the services they offer match what you are looking for, then we wish you every success. But we are finding that many businesses are tired of the same old offerings from these firms. Consultants who have fantastic qualifications. Consultants who have plenty of experience with the Big 4 and other similar organisations. Consultants who can quote theories and academic papers.

Unfortunately, for many of these firms, a collection of consultants who have never rolled their sleeves up and worked in the industries that they are offering their services to.

We deliberately stand separately, knowing and respecting the fact that many, many businesses won't want to Transformaginate. Many businesses who won't want to be truly disrupted. Businesses who are happy to step out of their comfort zone but only step (not jump) out of it. 

But if you are ready to REALLY change the way you operate and are looking for someone to work with ... please take a look at some of the Untypical Thinking pages. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Untypical Media. Audio and video services to help you promote your business.

More and more business are discovering the power of audio and video to enhance their engagement and marketing actvities. With most people being completely swamped by email after email, all written in black 11pt Calibri font, it is easy to see how this continual flow of messaging starts to become "white noise". Audio and video messaging stands out but for many, the thought of creating this sort of content just becomes too hard and so, back to the keyboard they go.

Untypical Media can help you to facilitate a number of different audio and video-based outcomes and often for a significantly lower price that you might expect.

Are you ready to really start communicating with your customers? 

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Untypical Smallbiz. We're a small business too. We get it.

It puzzles us that some of the best-known small business support organisations are, themselves, large businesses. Yes, many of the issues that small business operators have to contend with are similar to those encountered by larger organisations. But, typically those larger organisations have the people and financial resources to manage these issues. 

Untypical is a small business and so, we understand small business. We understand the concept of having to work "on" the business after hours to allow you to work "in" the business during the day. We understand that small business operators get tired and stressed because they can't take a break - or if they do, in many cases, they have to close their business to do so.  We understand that many small businesses are run by members of the one family so that when they go home at night, they see the same people that they have seen all day. We also understand that the people who run these small businesses don't have bottomless pots of money to employ consultants to help them.

Feeling a bit swamped in your small business? Maybe Untypical Smallbiz can help.

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Untypical People. Focusing on people. Not human resources or FTEs. People.

We don't like terms like Human Resources. Or HR. Or Headcount. Or FTE. Or Workforce. Or, in fact, any euphemism for people who work in your business. We like to talk about people. We like to see people developing and growing. We like to see people satisfied in their work. 

Two very important components to their job satisfaction are finding the right job and learning new skills. This is why we have set up our Recruitment and Education services. 

How can we help you to find the right people and to develop programs that will let them grow and develop?

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Here are our latest Untypical Thoughts.

Every now and again, we will publish an Untypical Thought on the web site - our take on something we have learned, read, heard or thought. Depending on the device you are using, there will be between one and three of our most recent posts below - simply hover and click on the link to read the post. If you would like to revisit some of our other Untypical Thoughts, please click on the Visit our Untypical Thoughts button below.

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