Untypical Thinking

A different approach to business consulting

There are plenty of typical consultants, with their proprietary methodologies and "more of the same" jargon.
But what happens if you don't want more of the same?
It's probably time to try some Untypical Thinking.


Untypical People

Helping you to look after your people … and yourself

Not happy with the way typical recruitment firms operate?
Looking for support as you change careers yourself?
Wanting to support your people towards better health & well-being?
You should talk to Untypical People.


Untypical Media

Audio and video to promote your business

We've come a long way since glossy brochures and other printed materials were your primary communication channels.
We live in a world that demands high quality video and audio.
If you are unsure where to turn, turn to Untypical Media.


The Untypical Podcast

Conversations that are anything but typical

We wanted to present our thoughts in an easily digestible format.
What better way than to present conversations via a podcast?
An opportunity to listen to some more Untypical Thinking.


Untypical Smallbiz

Support for Australia’s business backbone

Many consulting firms ignore the most significant sector in the Australian economy, preferring to market themselves to the big guys.
Put simply, we love small businesses and love working with them.
That makes us an Untypical Smallbiz, too!.



Community-focused business directories

Our app-based directories make it easy for organisations and individuals to support businesses within their community.
Whether yours is geographic or based on a common interest, we can create a Localbiz app for your community.


Untypical Thinking

… anything but typical

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