You've done all the hard work ... let's tell the world!

You have poured your heart and soul into your album project and now it's ready for the world to hear. But how do you launch it?

How about some affordable video and audio content that you can use on your social media channels?

Introducing is a pretty simply concept - we sit and chat to the artist or band about their upcoming release - whether that be a new single, a new EP or even a full album. Track-by-track, we explore the song(s), how they were written and/or recorded and give the artist/band the chance to tell the world about their project.

We publish the content on our YouTube channel and our podcast, too. But better still, we provide the audio and video content to the artist/band for them to use and share on their own social media pages and web site.

We also acknowledge that musicians are not rolling in cash, especially those just setting out on their musical journey. For that reason, we keep the cost of our service to a minimum and offer a special discount to our first-timers!

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