Uncover the mysteries of podcasting and start your own. It's really not that hard.

Before we start, we should acknowledge some interesting - and exciting - facts about podcasting: **

  1. Over 1.6 million Australians download audio or video podcasts in average 4 week period. This represents about 8.1% of the Australian market but shows an increase of almost 700,000.

  2. Whilst the number of podcasts being downloaded to computers is reasonably static, the growth in downloads to mobile device is phenomenal - from 421,000 in 2014/15 to over 1.3 million in 2018/19 - a staggering 215% increase in a four year period.

  3. Millenials are the biggest consumers of podcast episodes (approximately 40%), with Gen Z (29%) and Gen X (21%) the other significant groups.

With statistics like these,  podcasting should now be considered a critical part of any social media strategy. But, for many, podcasting is still as some mysterious artform that requires expensive equipment, technical knowledge and a great voice (you'd be amazed how many people say "but my voice sounds horrible when I listen a recording of it" - ask us why that is when you make contact).

Yes, there is some knowledge and equipment requirements but you'd be surprised how simple it is to get your podcast up and running. In very broad terms, this is all you need to have your podcast published:

  1. Content - this is typically the main reason that podcasts fail. People have some great ideas to get the podcast going but after four or five episodes, they have run out of ideas. This needs some careful thought before you start creating your podcast. There is some effort required to get your podcast published - it would be disappointing if all that effort went to waste because you didn't have sufficient content.

  2. Hosting - there are many options for hosting your podcast. It is a little bit like web hosting - you need to consider things like number of episodes you want published, how much work you are prepared to do to actually publish the podcast into the various podcasting services, how much you are prepared to pay each month (typically reputable podcast hosting services start at around $15 per month and work up from there).

  3. Equipment - the equipment you need will depend very much on how you want your podcast to sound. One of ours - 2 Blokes Chatting - is deliberately set up to sound like two mates chatting on the phone. The equipment we use is USB microphone attached to a laptop, using QuickTime  to capture the content. If the hosts are in different locations, we use Skype to connect to the second host's mobile phone and use Skype conversation recording software to capture the audio.  At the other end of the spectrum, you can spend significantly more to either purchase high quality equipment and set up in a studio space or rent recording facilities from a local studio.

    But, if you are just setting out on your podcasting journey, you can use your mobile phone and some free audio editing software to create your episodes.

We are able to assist you in setting your podcast up - all you need to do is get in touch with us here at Untypical Media. If you want to hear how we do our podcast, please visit our Podcasts page.

Please note: While we can't provide you with quite as much support in creating a video podcast, we are happy to recommend you to one of our trusted associates who specialise in video podcasts.

** Source: Roy Morgan Research:   http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/8056-podcast-listeners-australia-march-2019-201907190703