Untypical Change Management
A simple and pragmatic approach to managing change

"Let’s be honest, no one likes change. It’s like going to the dentist – everyone knows that you have to do it, everyone feels better after they’ve done it but nobody ACTUALLY likes going through it. In my experience, though, the projects that have been successful are the ones that have acknowledged the need to manage the associated change and have employed someone to specifically manage that change.

We really liked the approach that Untypical Thinking took with our project - simple, pragmatic change management without the fancy words and pointless documentation."

Untypical Thinking specialises in Change Management – we love working with individuals, teams and businesses as they move from the existing processes, systems and procedures they have been employing, to the new way of operating their business.

There are a whole range of change theories and methodologies being invented and promoted by consulting firms all over the world but in keeping with Untypical’s commitment to simplicity and pragmatism, we are more focused on the project outcomes and our client’s ability to continue servicing their customers throughout the period of change. We don’t create additional levels of stress and anxiety by creating huge administrative processes to manage the change – we just create a simple and pragmatic plan and get on with it.

It doesn’t matter to us how big and complex or how small and straightforward your project appears to be, we are certain that investing an appropriate amount of time and effort in managing change will significantly increase the likelihood of a successful project.

You will have invested in professional project management – why wouldn’t you do the same when it comes to managing change?

Change Management Specifics

Our philosophy on change is simple and straightforward and consists of four stages:

  • Where are we now – understanding the current state. In our opinion, this is a step that is often seriously overlooked. How can I give you directions to Geelong if I don’t know where you are starting from?
  • Where do we have to get to – most businesses have a rough understanding of what they want the future to look like but have they defined it in a way so that everyone understands and buys into it?
  • How do we get there – the quickest and easiest path between two points is a straight line ... except where people are involved. Has enough time and effort been spent to identify the best path to our destination or only the quickest and easiest?
  • How do we make it "stick" – it is one thing for us to see the change implemented but another to ensure that individuals and teams do not revert to the old ways of doing things?

A high proportion of the larger consulting firms employ complex proprietary methodologies to support their change management activities which we believe:

  • Adds significant stress and anxiety – at a time when people are affected by change, the additional overheads of making sure that everything is done according to a complex methodology are often unnecessary.
  • Adds significant levels of inflexibility – change affects different people in different ways. Dealing with C-level executives at head office requires a different approach to change management than when you are dealing with regional office employees during a system roll-out. One size simply does not fit all. Without sufficient flexibility, you can be certain that the change management effort will be compromised.
  • Adds significant cost to the project – in our experience, utilising skilful, experienced and flexible change experts who can think on their feet – and respond to the inevitable unforeseen challenges that will arise – is far more likely to provide a successful outcome than a group of people who are often more focussed on getting their change management procedures right.
  • Adds significant levels of dependence on that consulting firm – we have seen organisations who have needed to re-engage the same consulting firm over and over, not because of the great outcomes they produce but rather because of the proprietary methodology the organisation has become wedded to. We are very strong on common sense and a pragmatic approach to change management. We want to work with you in the future because you want to – not because you have to.

So, when you are thinking about the resources you need for your next project, the options are clear – (1) Untypical Thinking’s structured, yet simple and pragmatic approach to change or (2) a more expensive, often inflexible methodology offered by other consulting businesses.

In the words of Albert Einstein:

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”

Maybe it’s time for you to re-think how YOU approach change management.

Please contact us to discuss engaging Untypical Change Management for your next project - or maybe even your current one!