Untypical Media

Audio and video services to help you promote your business

As people become increasingly dependent upon their mobile devices, there is a definite trend away from printed material and towards audio and video content. For many businesses, this is a transformation in the way they communicate with their current and potential clients. 

If you want to start moving towards audio and video content and are not sure where to start, please get in touch with us to discuss how Untypical Media can help you.


Podcasting is growing at a phenomenal rate - can you afford not to be taking advantage of this medium? We can take the mystery away and help you to get your podcast up and running ... [READ MORE]

Smallbiz TV

We've noticed that many small businesses are looking for affordable video content for their web site and social media channels. Videographers do a great job but are out of the financial reach of many businesses ... [READ MORE]


More and more content is being consumed as video and audio with less reliance on printed material. Who is providing the voice of your organisation? We would be honoured to help ... [READ MORE]

Our Radio Stations & Programs

We run two online radio stations and produce three radio programs throughout the year. Maybe you have an idea for a radio station or program - we can help you get started ... [READ MORE]

Our Podcasts

WOWpod is our Words of Wisdom podcast, 2 Blokes Chatting is, well, two blokes chatting, there's Untypical Thoughts and The Smallbiz TV Podcast too. Plenty of great podcast content for you to subscribe to ... [READ MORE]

Your Podcast

Yes we understand that creating your podcast can be a bit overwhelming for many people and organisations. So rather than you doing it, let us work with you to create your podcast. Zero to podcasting hero - give us the content and we'll take it from there ... [READ MORE]

Media Partnerships

In all successful business ventures, one of the most important ingredients is the group of business partners you choose. Let us introduce you to a few of our most important partners ... [READ MORE]