About Untypical Thinking
Who we are and what we stand for

Hi, I am Neil Butler.

I established Xera Consulting in 2011 because there was a recurring theme that was evident in many conversations I was having with friends, clients and other associates - that there are lots of consulting firms out there trying to gain our attention but so many of them that are just offering "more of the same". Consulting firms that boast of their "Big 4" experience, with amazingly qualified consultants but, in many cases, very little evidence of real world experience.

In 2017, having developed a completely different approach, I decided to re-brand the business, using a name that truly reflected what I believe makes us unique - Untypical Thinking.

Let me make it easy for you - if you are looking to engage a traditional, more-of-the-same consulting firm in your organisation, you are wasting your time reading any further. You'd be best advised to type "Consultant" into your favourite search engine and choose one of them.

You see, at Untypical Thinking ... we think untypically.

Here are some of the things that I think makes us different to consulting firms:

  • We are VERY happy to work with businesses of all sizes, not just the ones with flash offices and big project budgets
  • We are driven by a desire to eliminate pain points that are affecting you and your business
  • We absolutely guarantee that we will not arrive at your business with a pre-defined solution for the pain points we don't even know about yet - we'll find out what they are and THEN develop a solution.
  • We work WITH businesses rather than FOR businesses
  • Simplicity and pragmatism are our hallmarks
  • We work towards achieving YOUR business requirements, not what suits us best
  • We expect to make such a good impression that we'll be asked back to work with you on your next project

If it all sounds a bit untypical, do not adjust your set - we are Untypical. If you want to discuss how our untypical approach might make a positive impression in your organisation, please get in touch - we'll probably even shout the coffee!

Neil Butler
Meet The Team
Meet The Team

Our team boasts extensive experience, both in Australia and across many other countries, in organisations ranging from single-person operations to government departments and top-ten global enterprises. They are happy to bring that experience and knowledge to help develop solutions and eliminate pain points from your organisation.

To be part of our team, you must be able to demonstrate each one of these three criteria:

  • You must be absolute experts in your field
  • You must own and operate your own business giving a unique insight into what our clients face every day
  • You must be an untypical thinker

Check out the profiles of our talented team - we know you'll be impressed!

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Our Untypical Values

Most companies have a set of values that are supposed to underpin everything they do. Typically, these values are designed by an external consulting group, discussed at an away day, printed on a glossy poster or a mouse mat and then promptly forgotten until the next five year cycle comes around.

Not so at Untypical Thinking!

No corporate speak. No fancy words. Just easy-to-read statements of how we want our business to run.

We are absolutely committed to our values - everything we do must reflect these statements. And if it doesn't, we are letting ourselves down and our clients down.

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Our Untypical Values
In Our Community
In Our Community

One of our values talks about a recognition of our role in our local, national and global community. Well, words are one thing - playing an active role in our community by supporting organisations that we feel passionate about is part of what we do.

Please take a few minutes to read about the individuals and causes that we feel most strongly about and choose to support.

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