Change Change

If nobody likes change, why don't we change it?

We hear it all the time - nobody likes change"

And yet, if we were to tell you that you are going to have your work hours reduced by 20% but still get paid the same amount per year - would you still dislike change? If we told you that you have an opportunity to swap your current car for the car of your dreams - at no cost - would you still dislike change? How about if you were able to spend an extra four weeks every year on holiday and that your boss would pick up the tab - would you still dislike change?

While these scenarios are unlikely to happen, they do underline a theory that we subscribe to ... it's not the change that people dislike, it is the way in which change is delivered.

Often without notice. Often without a clear picture of the benefits of the change. Often without explanation. Often without clarity. Often without engagement. Often without care or compassion for the affected people (yes, people - not stakeholders).

So, if our theory holds true - that people don't necessarily mind change, just the way that change is managed - then surely it is time to change change.

Here some things we think will help improve change management significantly:

  • Change the organisational mindset from what we should be doing to what we could be doing
  • Give people a real opportunity to influence the change not be unwillingly swept away by it.
  • Move away from communication and towards engagement
  • Talk more about benefits and outcomes and less about impact
  • Consider the impact on people and not on stakeholders
  • Focus more on the outcomes and less on the process and methodology

If you agree and are not sure where to start with your organisation, we think we can help - please get in touch to schedule a no-obligation conversation. Please visit our Calendar page to choose a suitable date and time.