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Oh great ... another buzzword after saying how much we dislike them.

We'd like to respectfully suggest that in this case, there is no other word that quite captures what we need it to. In many organisations, change has become another word for communications and transformation has become a synonym for "big change".  In both cases, this is seriously underselling the role of change management and transformation leadership.

If we consider dictionary definitions (taken from the Cambridge Dictionary - of these two words:

Change: to make or become different
Transform: to change completely the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved

... it is evident that change is certainly more than communications and that transformation is about complete change. Not just big change. Complete change. 

Transformagination takes that one step further - complete change without being constrained by existing processes, systems, norms and practices. Even the most well-intentioned transformation program can end up just being a significant change becuase these constraints stop truly creative and, dare we say, untypical thinking.

Here's an analogy that hopefully demonstrates the different between the three concepts. Consider a standard meeting room in a standard corporate office.

Change is painting the walls of the room a different colour and maybe putting some frosting on the glass to provide some privacy.

Transformation is re-purposing the room to become a cafe. The rooms purpose and function is now completely different ffrom what it was originally.

Transformagination is gutting the floor and starting from a blank slate. Yes, there are constraints (the building's structure, costs, etc) but, in a transformagination, we will design the outcomes based on what is really needed rather than starting with the constraints and working from there.

Yes, it is risky. Yes, it takes courage. Yes, people will try and stop you.

Transformagination is not right for all organisations. Transformagination is not right for all circumstances. 

But ... when transformagination is what you need, you know who to talk to.

And when you are ready to talk, please go to our calendar and create an appointment.


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