Introduction to Transformagination® Workshop

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One of the major hurdles to overcome in transforming a business – we mean, really transforming a business – is the engrained corporate inertia. The Macquarie Dictionary defines inertia as “inert condition; inactivity; sluggishness” or from a Physics perspective “a tendency of matter to retain its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line”. To embrace Transformagination, … Read More

DIY Transformagination®

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So, you think you’d rather undertake some Do-It-Yourself Transformagination? We would love to able get you set up and then support you throughout the process, as and when you need us. At the start, we would conduct one or two workshops with your Transformagination Team. During these workshops, we will lead you through some targeted activities to set the direction … Read More

How about diversity of thinking?

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Having now been involved in the corporate world since the late 1980’s, I feel that I am in a good position to provide some commentary about some of the significant changes we have seen during the past three decades. Remember when anyone who had the word “manager” in their title was automatically entitled to their own office, more often than … Read More