DIY Transformagination®

Neil ButlerOptions

So, you think you’d rather undertake some Do-It-Yourself Transformagination? We would love to able get you set up and then support you throughout the process, as and when you need us.

At the start, we would conduct one or two workshops with your Transformagination Team. During these workshops, we will lead you through some targeted activities to set the direction and to get your team started. We will agree a schedule for regular check-ins, challenge sessions and other activities that will give you compete control over your program of work, all the while being able to call us in whenever you need to.

Want to know more? Want to get a clearer idea of how your people could Transformaginate your business? Please visit and select a suitable 30-minute time slot. We’ll spend that time (and more if you need it) discussing what you are trying to achieve and how we can work with you to deliver this exciting program within your organisation.

Every day you leave it is another opportunity lost. Let’s chat soon!

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