Introduction to Transformagination® Workshop

Neil ButlerOptions

One of the major hurdles to overcome in transforming a business – we mean, really transforming a business – is the engrained corporate inertia. The Macquarie Dictionary defines inertia as “inert condition; inactivity; sluggishness” or from a Physics perspective “a tendency of matter to retain its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line”.

To embrace Transformagination, an organisation typically needs to change its default mindset. We think that by spending a couple of hours together, we can start the process of that mindset change. This workshop is designed to start the mindset change – to understand the constraints and hurdles that need to be overcome, to identify the people who should be driving the Transformagination program, to set some expectations of the effort required.

Want to know more? Want to get a clearer idea of how your business could Transformaginate by working with us? Please visit and select a suitable 30-minute time slot. We’ll spend that time (and more if you need it) discussing what you are trying to achieve and how we can work with you to deliver this exciting program within your organisation.

Every day you leave it is another opportunity lost. Let’s chat soon!

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