F for Frazzled and Friction

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

How are you feeling right now? If you are like many of my friends and associates, you may have been heavily involved in the Business Continuity activities that have allowed your business to survive throughout what has been and continues to be a very tough period for everyone.

You have every right to be feeling a bit frazzled!

Make sure that you acknowledge how you are feeling because here’s some challenging news for you.

Unless you are super-fortunate, your current Business Continuity (for many Business Survival) activities will have been developed for a temporary, short-term disruption. It is most unlikely that the way your business operates currently is sustainable for the longer term.

That means that the next piece of work is to develop the Business Reestablishment activities – how you get to your future, on-going operating model. That is going to take time and energy too – probably more time and energy than the responsive, reactive Business Continuity model took to develop.

So, if you are feeling a touch frazzled now, make sure you are looking after yourself … getting the right amount of rest, eating properly, exercising when you can and making sure that your colleagues are too.

The other F word is friction. Often friction becomes more evident when people are frazzled. Keep your eye on your family, your friends, your colleagues. If you sense some degree of frustration (another F word) because people are frazzled, say something – don’t allow the resultant friction to create even more pressure on what you are doing, both at work and at home.

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