Untypically-led Transformagination®

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The concept of Transformagination can be daunting for many businesses. Remember that what we are proposing – a complete re-working of some or all your business – is a massive undertaking and, for many, one that is going to require some on-the-ground support from an Untypical Transformaginist.

We will provide you with one or more of our hand-selected, skilled people for an agreed period of time. They will lead the conversations with you and your team during the initial design and agreement program and then continue to lead the Transformagination program, coordinating the stakeholder engagement, communications, training and education, support and implementation program for as long as you require them.

Want to know more? Want to get a clearer idea of how your business could Transformaginate by working with us? Please visit www.untypical.com.au/calendar and select a suitable 30-minute time slot. We’ll spend that time (and more if you need it) discussing what you are trying to achieve and how we can work with you to deliver this exciting program within your organisation.

Every day you leave it is another opportunity lost. Let’s chat soon!

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