M for Mediocrity

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

Today, I’ll start with a reasonably confronting question – why do so many businesses and individuals accept mediocrity?

Now that might be an unfair assessment of your organisation but work with me on this one. A couple of weeks ago, I asked how “fit for purpose” your operating model was prior to the COVID disruption – a score out of 100. Did you give your business a score?

If it was better than, let’s say 80, it could be said that your organisation only required some tweaking to move towards 100. That’s something to celebrate and continue to build on.

If it was anything less than 80, it tells me that your business was motoring along, accepting the fact that things could be better but not doing anything about it.

Now, we are looking towards the post-COVID period. In my mind, with the expectations of customers, employees and other important stakeholders changing dramatically, I can’t imagine that your “fit for purpose” score will have improved. In fact, it has probably diminished to some degree.

Mediocrity is all about accepting things for what they are, average, ordinary. Many mediocre businesses achieve acceptable results and feel like that’s enough. If that’s what you want for your business, that is your decision.

But if you are looking to be better than average, better than ordinary, you need to take action. Improve your “fit for purpose” score.

But to do that, you’ll need to transform. Do things differently. Innovate. Be creative.

Please don’t accept mediocrity. You’re better than that.

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