P for Process, Procedures and Protocols

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

These are arguably the three biggest hurdles to any form of change or transformation – “the way we do things around here”.

As I suggested the other day, it is most unlikely that the way your organisation was operating pre-COVID was even close to perfect. And yet, when considering the way forward, how much influence are those existing processes, procedures and protocols going to have on the future state of your organisation?

Yesterday, I spoke about the word “could” in preference to the word “should”. Should implies that there are rules or expectations that must be adhered to in whatever happens going forward. Most often these rules and expectations are rooted in the processes, procedures and protocols that are in place within organisations.

I am not advocating that you throw out existing processes, procedures or protocols that exist to ensure safety or adherence to regulations and laws. Instead, I am encouraging you to seriously question every single one to ensure that they are there for the right reason and not to tie the business down to the old way.

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