S for Should and Stride

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

Should is a word that really frustrates me – particularly at a time where businesses need to be forging new paths and creating their own “new normal”. “Should” implies an adherence to some rules or expectations – we should do this (why?), we shouldn’t do that (why not?). In contrast, “could” is open ended. “Could” allows people to be creative and innovative. “Could” requires imagination.

Next time you are tempted to use the word “should”, take a moment to consider whether “could” would be a better option. Change the way you think – don’t look back for validation, look forward for possibilities.

Many people have talked to me about their “bounce back” strategies and, whilst I could be accused of playing semantics, here, I’m going to call that phrase out. Bounce back implies that you are going to return to something approaching where you were previously. As I have suggested a number of times in this series of thoughts, I am keen to encourage businesses to look forward and not backwards.

I would rather hear people talk about their strategy to stride forward rather than bounce back.

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