The great philosophers of the 20th century

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

As you may know, one of my great passions is presenting a retro music program on community radio here in Geelong. It seems like a good time to bring together that passion for great music and untypical thinking in this Untypical Thought.

Most of my readers will have at least been born in the 20th century – many of you will have spent more than half of your lives in years that start with 19 rather than 20. We were spoiled with some of the greatest music ever written and when people look back to the 20th century, they will realise that some of the great philosophers of our era were the singers and bands of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

I’ve selected five of my favourites from that amazing era of music and extracted lyrics that could well have been written for this time of business re-establishment. While the lyrics might have been taken out of their original context, I thought we could have some fun while delivering one or two key messages. They are sorted chronologically.

“It’s now or never”

Song Title:  It’s Now Or Never
Artist: Elvis Presley
Year: 1960

“The times they are a-changing”

Song Title:  The Times They Are A-Changing
Artist: Bob Dylan
Year: 1964

“The time to hesitate is through”

Song Title:  Light My Fire
Artist: Jim Morrison (The Doors)
Year: 1967

“Conventionality belongs to yesterday”

Song Title:  Grease
Artist: Frankie Valli (written by the Bee Gees)
Year: 1978

“Used-to-be’s don’t count any more”

Song Title:  You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
Artist: Neil Diamond
Year: 1978

Don’t just take it from me. The message is clear. Time for something unconventional – dare we say, untypical. Time for Transformagination.

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