Z for Zealous and Zoom

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

As I suggested a few days ago, transformation doesn’t happen accidentally. It requires a deliberate effort to change things dramatically. The other thing that transformation requires is zeal – a word we don’t use very often anymore. In fact, a zealot – a person who displays zeal – is often a term of ridicule for a person who borders on a fanatical desire to achieve something.

But that is what will be required.

Remember, that there will be active resistance to transformation. There’ll be passive or inertial resistance to transformation. But as I hope you’ll agree by now, without transformation – we think, Transformagination – your organisation will drift along, showing a tendency to return to what life was like pre-COVID.

And is that what you want? Is that what your business requires? I think not.

So, become a zealot. Become fanatical about the transformation that your organisation requires. Ignore the ridicule. Fight against the inevitable inertia and resistance that you’ll encounter.

Or pretty much keep drifting.

Our other Z word is zoom. It is the name of a product that has become a critical part of most organisations’ communication strategies during 2020. But that’s not the zoom I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about the zoom that comes by pressing the accelerator. There are many organisations who are, to use the motoring analogy, allowing their engines to idle. There are others who haven’t yet moved beyond second gear.

The organisations who can set their direction and press that accelerator now are the ones that are going to leave their competitors behind. The ones that are going to get to where they need to be sooner.

Don’t drift. Don’t idle. It’s time to zoom.

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